European Students’ Union (ESU)

The National Unions of Students in Europe is the umbrella organisation of 49 national unions of students from 37 countries, representing more than 11 million students. ESU represents the educational, economic and cultural interests of students at a European level towards all relevant bodies, in particular the EU, Council of Europe and UNESCO. ESU is a member of the Bologna Follow Up Group and its Board.

ESU also has extensive expertise on the Modernisation Agenda of the EU, currently completing a project that involved training students on these topics. We work to bring together, resource, train and inform national student representatives on European developments, particularly in fields of higher education and youth. ESU is ensuring student participation in European policy making; it supports members by organising seminars, training and conferences relevant to students and conducts European-wide research and co-operation projects and publishes handbooks and newsletters.


Staff involved in the project:

Natalia Tarachiu – is ESU’s Project Officer. She has an extensive work experience and more than 10 years in managing EU projects. She worked as a business consultant, especially in identifying the problems and needs and finding solutions combined with financing sources and project management. Natalia contributed successfully to the implementation of all the projects she was involved, having a very good knowledge of the project cycle management.